audio shop repair costs

Whats reasonable hourly labor charge for: repairing amps (soldering), excluding parts?
$45...50/hr is descent but if the job takes the whole day than there should be some different accord...
$50 to $60 an hour.
Everyone in any field has a 'base' charge just to take a look at something.
I would guess an amp would be at least $50 but no more than $100 JUST TO LOOK!.
THe repair if just to solder a wire might be free or a few extra bucks.
Then of course the Solder costs money... and the recycling fee.....
I ask because a cd player laser part costs $26 and belt .50, but I heard to repair it costs $$$ from manufacturer.

How much do you think repairing a cd laser costs in a repair shop?
I had my local electronics repair shop fix my CAL CL 10 5-disc cd changer a few years ago. They said they replaced the laser head and a capacitor -- both were off-the-shelf parts they had in stock. Before I entrusted the unit to them, I partially disassembled it myself out of curiosity (dumb!), and I can attest that the assembly was complex such that their repair must have been at least moderately time consuming. I don't remember exactly, but the cost was between $100 and $200. I didn't think that was out of line at the time. Good luck.
Coda, yes they still exist said $65/hour and that most repairs for my item rarely go over an hour. For factory service I guess that's a reasonable amount. I had CDP repaired locacally wich included two welds for $25.
I had to have the Laser asm replaced in a NAD 341i cd player it cost me about $150 as I recall, the part was $65-75 of that I think. I was not happy at all . . . First, the laser shouldn't have died in the first place.
paid $75.00/hour taxes included, this in the Great White North.
I was just quoted $90/hr. at a shop on Long Island, NY. Min. 1hr.
$75+/hr is reasonable for a quality shop If you don`t want to pay to make it pay, DIY or sh*tcan it. What did you pay for the component? There`s no free lunch.