Audio Set Up CD

Hello Members,

I am looking for recommendations for a test CD that offers an 80 hZ tone that will allow me to adjust the phase relationship between my mains and a pair of subs. I am utilizing a Marchand XM9 active crossover with a 80 hZ frequency module. I ordered the Soundoctor CD from Barry Ober but unfortunately it will not play on my ARC CD player?

look into the Stereophile TEST CD series. There are (3) editions that contain both sine waves/test tone sweeps and very nice music. Other discs can be found from Chesky, XLO, Denon, Sony. Watch eBay frequently. Keep me posted Happy Lisening! JA
Nordost system set up disc. Lots more than just 80 hZ. System degauss, pink noise, white noise, system burn in and more. Music Direct has them. I got mine for 24.95 but I think they are now 29.95