Audio Sensibility Statement Digital Cable

I read this months "Enjoy the Music" article/review titled "Digital Cable Comparison". The review included 3 cables. Two of these were pretty pricey. The third cable, the Audio Sensibility Statement Digital Cable was priced the lowest.
After reading the review and visting there website I thought that the Audio Sensibility cable used some very high quality materials.
So, I went ahead and ordered one with a 30 day return policy.
I should get it in about a week and I expect about another week to break it in. I will post a review soon after. I will be comparing it to a Kimber Illumanti D-60 and a Morrow Digital.

Has anyone else tried these cables yet?
Any comments yet on this cable? I'm also in the market for a similar digital interconnect -- if this is as good as it was reviewed in "Enjoy the Music" it would be a great candidate.
Yes, I recieved the digital cables. Mine were recieved but they were not burned in.
I guess the Audio review lead me to believe that they are always burned in.
Anyway, after letting them play for about 300 hours I tried it on my Squeezebox Touch.

The Audio Sensiblity cable appear to be well made but they did not impress me soundwise.
They seemed to have a closed in soundstage.
IMHO they were not as good as any other Digital cable I had on hand.
Even my long time fav the Illuminati D60 was better than the Sensiblity cables.

But the real surprise was when I tried a demo Morrow Audio Dig1 (there entry level)
cable. It was WAAYYYY better than the Audio Sensibilty cable and better than any digital cable I owned or tried.
I ended up buying the Morrow Dig4 with silver Eichmans RCA's and I am very happy.

I ended up sending the Sensibility Cables back . The refund was very quick .
The deductions from my refund included the Candian shipping costs and the Paypal fees.
I was surprised as to how much the shipping cost from Canada was.

So, perhaps if you do try the Audio Sensibility Cables, make sure he Cable Cooks them first, that could make a difference.

P.S. You should also try the Morrow Audio Digital Cables .
Ozzy: I'm shopping for a digital cable. I've used glass toslink for a while, but will soon add a USB/SPDIF converter to my computer which necessitates an RCA digital cable to my DAC. Browsing the threads, I've narrowed it down to one of the cables from Morrow, or the Have/Canare. Mapleshade is also an option but haven't heard much about them from users. You said you like the Morrow compared to your Illuminati D-60 Kimber. Was it the Dig1 or Dig4? Was it close or by a large margine? I might just go the Have/Canare route to save money. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Devilboy, The Have/Canare surprised me it is very good for the price.
The Morrow digital cable Dig4 is still the best I have tried thus far. It has more depth and meat on the bones.
Ozzy: Just ordered a 1 meter pair of Morrow Dig4's with Eichmann silver terminations. Now have to get the USB/SPIDF converter.
Ha! Meant one cable. Not one pair.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Is Mike Morrow going to burn it in for you? He does'nt charge for it, it just takes a few extra days before he ships it to you.
Ozzy: Yeah, I requested the free two day break-in. Dig4 with Eichmann silver RCAs, 1.5 meters. I'm looking forward to it. Also, today I ordered the Mapleshade USB/SPDIF converter.
Ozzy and Devilboy, so you both have experience with break-in being important for digital cables as well? Trying to figure out how dielectric interacts with high frequency digital signals versus analog signals. Maybe it is even more critical for digital because more of the signal travels along the surface of the wire? Any thoughts on this appreciated.