Audio Sensibility grounding wires

Sounds like pure hokum to me. 
Ric Schultz at EVS sells essentially the same device. In addition to the description on the Audio Sensibility Site, you can check out Ric's description on the EVS site.

Both Audio Sensibility and EVS offer a money back trail period, so you can't really go too far wrong. They are also both very inexpensive (in audiophile terms), so you're not out a lot of money.

Give them a try and report back to us.......

BTW, I've bought products from both Audio Sensibility and EVS and I think both Steve and Ric do great work and offer good value.

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I just bought a pair to try on my speakers, definitely wasted a lot more money than this previously and with money back guarantee what is the worry?
I bought the Statement version.
Mapleshade has a somewhat similar device that’s a ribbon “ground plane” cable that is connected to ground and parallels the speaker cable and placed an inch away. I knocked one off a few years ago, works great! Field-shaping ground plane ribbons.
How much did you charge for your knock offs GK?
Just curious
Are you high? They were for myself, Bozo. 🤡
As you do sell a lot of tweaks it was not an unreasonable question at all.
Here was silly Ol me thinking you might have worked that out yourself.

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You ask the weirdest questions. Is there some sort of competition between you and glubson I don’t know about?
There is no contest at all.
I am clearly the winner there!

Perhaps a cold shower will suffice.
Not quite sure how you turn a very reasonable question based on your history of selling lots and lots of tweaks into
"The weirdest questions"?

But not entirely sure you yourself are fully grounded so not that surprising I guess.

Hate cold showers, nasty!

Well just had confirmation of my order and very fair price considering the Canadian dollar is pretty weak against the U.S. dollar right now, 0.78.

Will report back on here once installed, if Katie has not totally wrecked the thread by then!
Whatever, dude. The further adventures of Brer Rabbit and the tar baby. 
Thanks, guys, for taking another thread completely off track.
I am sorry about that, that is why my last post at least attempted to steer it back by talking about the items in question and that I truly have ordered a pair for the speakers.

Again my apologies, just something about GK that causes the fur to rise and I find myself walking into his minefield.

Must try harder!

But I will report back on any perceived effect once they are in my system
I apologize for uberwaltz.
As you know by now OP, I was impressed enough by their effects to keep them in my system.
A good reduction in background hash is what I did detect.
I do not think you will go far wrong especially considering the very fair price after exchange rates.
Why speculated as to the performance when Audio Sensibility offers a 30 day money-back guarantee.
Right now I have a set inbound.  Report pending.