Audio Sensibility Digital AES/EBU, anyone?

My question is if anyone on this forum use, have used or have had a demo with Audio Sensibility Statement SE silver or Signature silver digital aes/ebu cables?


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I have had Audio Sensibility cables in the past.  The Signature series is top notch for a pure silver cable.  The Impact and Statement series not so much (due to stranded wire being used).  I was disappointed in their Statement Analog interconnects.

The Signature AES/EBU cable uses 20awg solid-core type conductors.  He actually uses the Neotech OCC Silver rectangle conductors in an oversized teflon air tube.  Excellent design for a digital cable.  Pure silver in digital can be good on some systems.  If you're system is a bright high resolution system, a pure silver cable could be a bit too clinical.  He uses Furutech XLR, which have a heavy gold plating that will help with the brightness.

If you're concerned about "pure silver" being too sterile or clinical, maybe look at a Nordost Heimdall 2.  It uses two 20awg solid core conductors just like Audio Sensibility Signature, but it's a high purity silver-plated copper ( 99.99999% copper).  There's a 2 meter on Audiogon for $350 (pretty much a steal if you need an AES/EBU cable).   A 2 meter Audio Sensibility Signature is going to be $800 USD.