Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy

"Audiophiles are Snobs"  Youtube features an idiot!  He states, with no equivocation,  that $5,000 and $10,000 speakers sound equally good and a $500 and $5,000 integrated amp sound equally good.  He is either deaf or a liar or both! 

There is a site filled with posters like him called Audio Science Review.  If a reasonable person posts, they immediately tear him down, using selected words and/or sentences from the reasonable poster as100% proof that the audiophile is dumb and stupid with his money. They also occasionally state that the high end audio equipment/cable/tweak sellers are criminals who commit fraud on the public.  They often state that if something scientifically measures better, then it sounds better.   They give no credence to unmeasurable sound factors like PRAT and Ambiance.   Some of the posters music choices range from rap to hip hop and anything pop oriented created in the past from 1995.  

Have any of audiogon (or any other reasonable audio forum site) posters encountered this horrible group of miscreants?  



So you created a sock puppet account in order hide behind a secondary alias in order to pass judgment upon other fellow members and by extension this forum  because you wished to preserve your ability to make money out of the facility AGon offers …

WoW !

Conversely … How are we to discern whether to accept your somewhat contrived  back story ( having already displayed a taste for duplicity) of being an established member of this forum and not merely another 1st poster ASR drone teleporting in to support their Borg Queen ?

From Amir:


I repeat....

Always follow the Money... 

You say that but you don't follow that advice, do you?

Some of you know that I am the founder of a company (Madrona Digital) that does custom integration of electronics into very high end homes.

One day a local distributor called us for a meeting. He said that we should source flat screen TVs from them. I asked them how their prices were compared to big box stores. He said, "if they have a sale, then our cost to you will be higher!'  I asked him how we were going to do that?  He said, "you can match their prices and then make money on selling them cables and extended warranty!!!"  With cables having as much as 70% gross margin, you can see why he said that.

Do you listen to this?  No.  You happily go and pay thousands of dollars for non-performant gear that only enriches the manufacturer at your expense. You believe what they say on their website.  You believe random youtuber getting eval gear and gushing over said cable.  And oh, the more expensive that cable, the better it must be.  Never mind that the more expensive, the more it enriches the manufacture.

So no, you don't believe in that. You are using it as a cheap talking point without foundation to boot.

To repeat, all the information on ASR forum is available to everyone for free.  No content is behind paywall or delayed for paying members to read first.  Large number of ASR members read the forum without any contribution. And are not looked down upon whatsoever.

I am fortunate enough to be independent and don't rely on ASR to make money.  If it were different, I would turn on ads and allow sponsorships as all other sites do.

Am I here to solve world hunger?  No. I have my interested in what I like to do and test. It just happens that this interest aligns with the needs of many audiophiles.  They appreciate the uncluttered site that is not running banners everywhere you look.  Or my youtube channel where there is zero begging for subscription, likes, etc. And has no monetization even though I am fully qualified by Google to do so.

If this is not for you, then that is that. But stick to facts and don't make proclamations that are simply not true. 


Ooops ...Sorry ... Hit a nerve there  huh...?

BTW... my 2 chanel system consists of amplifier, pre-amplifier and phono pre-amplifier that are custom built KITS...SUT is custom built from various parts... tone arm is hand made in England. TT is vintage, with updated internal parts. Speakers are used, with updated OEM parts and upgrades from the designer.

Yeah the Marketing Boggie Man really got me.... you really Nailed it. 

Love the way crymeariver plays the false equivalency take by faintly damning Amir and letting loose on A'goners, painting us all with a broad brush. Nice, if your intended audience is woefully obtuse.

All the best,


@amir_asr , I appreciate that you came to this thread and approached it with civility and respect and even an attempt to deliver, at times, an even handed education.

I will caution you, though, I can see the frustration seeping into your posts, and I expect the urge to "lash out" gets stronger every time you return.

If it is any consolation, you are not the first to go through this, or the probably even the 100th, and you will not be the last. I see it at least monthly, maybe more. Stay focused.

This is but a small part of the audio world declining in influence.

The only thing most of the participants in this thread are influencing is the marketing that targets them.



That was quite brilliant.