Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy

"Audiophiles are Snobs"  Youtube features an idiot!  He states, with no equivocation,  that $5,000 and $10,000 speakers sound equally good and a $500 and $5,000 integrated amp sound equally good.  He is either deaf or a liar or both! 

There is a site filled with posters like him called Audio Science Review.  If a reasonable person posts, they immediately tear him down, using selected words and/or sentences from the reasonable poster as100% proof that the audiophile is dumb and stupid with his money. They also occasionally state that the high end audio equipment/cable/tweak sellers are criminals who commit fraud on the public.  They often state that if something scientifically measures better, then it sounds better.   They give no credence to unmeasurable sound factors like PRAT and Ambiance.   Some of the posters music choices range from rap to hip hop and anything pop oriented created in the past from 1995.  

Have any of audiogon (or any other reasonable audio forum site) posters encountered this horrible group of miscreants?  


The most respected audio designers listen more with their ears than a graph.  

Amir,The glass is more like the electricity which should be the neutral fundamental.A better analogy for the audio component is arguably the special roasted oak cask and the vintage process used to concentrate and enhance the base grape juice flavours.

But either perspective is fine depending on taste.Some people enjoy young unoaked wine and some don't.Most prefer something less natural but with a bit more sympathetic complexity.


I repeat....

Always follow the Money... right into pocket of Amir-asr 

Sorry, I do not Buy whatever it is that he is selling. Certainly it is Not, testing equipment for the altruistic benefit of those audio enthusiasts and wanna be engineers who can only see their way to spending just enough, to achieve Audio Nirvana .

I call BS...

Hey @amir_asr, I know there are a lot of tough questions here but no one is banning you for your answers. Please bring down the wall at ASR, let people that don't conform to your dogma (and don't pay for a name badge on their avatar) discuss respectfully. I think you will have more members if you include dissenters and not take a big hit to your cash flow, all good. This is not a one way street where you are right and that means everyone else must be wrong. 

What I find interesting is they won't acknowledge that measurements came about by simple observation first.