Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy

"Audiophiles are Snobs"  Youtube features an idiot!  He states, with no equivocation,  that $5,000 and $10,000 speakers sound equally good and a $500 and $5,000 integrated amp sound equally good.  He is either deaf or a liar or both! 

There is a site filled with posters like him called Audio Science Review.  If a reasonable person posts, they immediately tear him down, using selected words and/or sentences from the reasonable poster as100% proof that the audiophile is dumb and stupid with his money. They also occasionally state that the high end audio equipment/cable/tweak sellers are criminals who commit fraud on the public.  They often state that if something scientifically measures better, then it sounds better.   They give no credence to unmeasurable sound factors like PRAT and Ambiance.   Some of the posters music choices range from rap to hip hop and anything pop oriented created in the past from 1995.  

Have any of audiogon (or any other reasonable audio forum site) posters encountered this horrible group of miscreants?  


@invalid Yes, this is how science works. ASR and followers write off observations phase by the claim our senses faulty. Which means present measurement protocol is end game. Don't expect ASR to come up with new measurement protocols, this will come from manufacturers who listen (observe) to their equipment and ask themselves how can I make this better.

What measurement is there that will predict how a given group of components will interact with my room, my senses, and my content selection all at the same time?

Good luck with that much, and I didn’t even mention how it will please the personal taste of all listeners in the room simultaneously.



Thanks for the link.

Yes, it was an interesting read.

No doubt there is a crossover of readership between the 2 sites and why not?

Amir himself has stated that measurements currently only account for 70% in predicting how a loudspeaker sounds.


It’s that remaining 30% that should keep us all going for a few years yet.

Ok, I may be an audiophile and a snob. And I still enjoy listening to music on my system. 

@laoman Yes, you reiterated my reason for creating this forum. My wife said i shouldn’t have called @quiiet a troll, but it there some other word for someone who signs up to Audiogon and denounces the rest of us? Now there is a 5 page 95 replies to ASRs Audiogon thread critical of ASR. They’re so stupid that they don’t recognize the person (me) who got banned after reading this forum. I really can’t be nicer to them. I note that the two ASR members who wrote about vibration isolation for amps and Von Schwiekert speakers did not chime in. Some respectful and logical ASR members there.

Your comment about @noske is appropriate. He started character assassination of @jerryg123  Now after @kota1   Not Nice!   Apparently has his own character problems wherein he is obsessed with demeaning others to assert his superiority.