Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy

"Audiophiles are Snobs"  Youtube features an idiot!  He states, with no equivocation,  that $5,000 and $10,000 speakers sound equally good and a $500 and $5,000 integrated amp sound equally good.  He is either deaf or a liar or both! 

There is a site filled with posters like him called Audio Science Review.  If a reasonable person posts, they immediately tear him down, using selected words and/or sentences from the reasonable poster as100% proof that the audiophile is dumb and stupid with his money. They also occasionally state that the high end audio equipment/cable/tweak sellers are criminals who commit fraud on the public.  They often state that if something scientifically measures better, then it sounds better.   They give no credence to unmeasurable sound factors like PRAT and Ambiance.   Some of the posters music choices range from rap to hip hop and anything pop oriented created in the past from 1995.  

Have any of audiogon (or any other reasonable audio forum site) posters encountered this horrible group of miscreants?  


@juanmanuelfangioii Crikey that was a load of💩

Excuse me? You are too afraid to say the word despite being full of it on this thread?

Declare your interest in having ASR discredited. You are not a troll, just puerile and probably out of your depth on a forum seeking adult discussion...

Perhaps we need a timeout here to assess just what we are debating as there seems to be a conflation of several issues here.


Some seem to object to reviews primarily based upon technical assessment. Even when that is clearly the stated intent of ASR.

Some seem to be attacking Amir's personal integrity. A little strange considering the fact that he has openly declared his previous affiliation with Harman Kardon.

Some seem to be challenging Amir's ability to carry out the measurements without providing any examples of how it could have been done better.

Some simply seem to regard the existence of ASR as a personal attack upon their own beliefs and systems.


So which is it to be?

Or are all science based review sites such as the following, the real problem here?


Archimago's Musings 





Erin's Audio Corner

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That can only be construed as an online threat. AGon mods - who is this guy?