Audio s impact on enviroment

It seems to me bigger amps that draw more current and use more electricity are becoming the norm, like SUV's audio manufacturers are not taking responsibility when it comes to designing energy saving components. I was always told to shut off the light when I leave the room, now I have to remember to shut off the stereo. Although reviewers are always touting the benefits of leaving equipment on all the time,I feel it's time to be a little more concerned about the impact this hobby has on the enviroment.
Really sad issue here.
I feel sad to see my own conservation conscious Canadian country men still building these power guzzling amps. Switching power supplies can eliminate this problem,and sound better, but you macho a'philes will loooooooz this big chassis.
Wanna save the environment? Stay home and play your stereo instead of driving your gas-guzzling SUV. Besides, when I go out, I don't like being behind some big piece of crap I can't see around.
You should do your part to save the environment by turning off your computer so we don't have to read your treehugger nonsense.
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I now shut down both of our systems, when they are not in use, as well as the computer (at night). We have also dug out the old "Mickey Mouse" and "Bart Simpson" night lights to be used in the place of leaving the kitchen lights on while we sleep. Both systems lack a little clarity (as when they were left on 7/24), but still sound good. Other than energy conservation I also did this as a defensive move in the event that there is a blackout and return of power when I am either away or asleep. All of the equipment is on surge protectors, but you never know. I live in the LA area and my wife said that our electric power billing increased from $20/MO to $80/MO just recently due to the rate hike. I will be incorporating Neuance shelving and new PC's into the system in the next month and for this will leave all of the digital gear powered up 7/24 as it will allow me to better judge the changes. Instead of laying blame as to who created this situation (certainly there is a real shortage to some extent) I feel that this negative energy would be better used to help solve the problem at hand. It will also be necessary to ascertain how much of the shortage is actual and how much of it is being "manufactured" for personal gain, in order to truly solve the problem and keep rates affordable for the majority of power consumers. I guess that a study such as this would lay some blame in itself, but it would be a necessary step in order to move forward.