Audio's Biggest Loser?

This relates to my recent thread for high end on the move, but puts it in a different context.

Before I begin, I am not especially interested in "lifestyle" audio, the "wife approval factor", abandoning the high end, or recommending mid fi components shaped like sleek tiny boxes or balls, or all in one kitchen systems available in a range of colors and finishes.

But as the proud author of two enduring threads devoted to biggest and baddest cables and amplifiers, I have had a contrarian thought in 2011:

what are the smallest, featheriest truly high end components?

Some quick math suggests that my latest system has weighed about 500 pounds - and not even including 5 spare power amplifiers, 3 or 4 sets of spare mini monitors, DACs, cables, tweaks accessories, heavy rack furniture and MYE stands for the Tympanis which could easily double that amount to half a TON or so.

And I am sure some of you can "weigh" in with even more - would love to hear from the Wilson MAX and Pass Labs owners.

But in the spirit of change, experimentation and spring cleaning, I am currently wondering how my life and listening room might feel if I changed to the smallest, lightest, but genuinely high end equipment.

Here are some thoughts:

Lenovo X 201 Computer - 2.5 pounds
Behringer DEQ2496 - 6 pounds
Nuforce Reference Monoblocks - 17 pounds
Silverline Audio Minuet Supremes - 15 pounds

or say, about 40 pounds for the entire system - only a few more than the shipping weight of my Audio Research preamp, my lightest component.

How much does your system weigh? Does this enhance or detract from enjoyment of high end audio.

What might inspire you to be the Biggest Loser on Audiogon?

What smallest, lightest components would you recommend?
I have an 110 pound amp, an 83 pound amp, a 75 pound phono stage and a 50 pound line stage. They will trample your puny system underfoot! Weight RULES! HAHAHAHA!
I would have to include Nagra in the discussion, their little pre-amp is fantastic, small and light. The amps are also not heavy wts. My Herron Line stage and phono amp are rather compact and light, have not tried the Herron mono blocks.
My portable system probly won't challenge your 40-pounder for sound quality, unfortunately. But ha ha, I can take it on planes because it weighs less, has less volume and runs on international voltages. And it plays 24/192 with the Mini-DAC.

--PowerBook laptop with Pure Music
--Apogee Duet with custom breakout cable or (better but a bit bigger) Apogee Mini-DAC FireWire
--Winsome Labs Mouse
--Visonik David 5000i speakers, 7 inches high and 4 inches deep in metal cabinets.

Further to the Nagra suggestion, like gold or Beluga caviar, perhaps we can incorporate a most expensive system per pound metric to further analyze audio.

Stanwal, I am with you, but the first step to change is admitting you have a problem.
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Think about it, would you be happy with a Minicopper, or BMW 740li. But then again, as Elizabeth remarks, the copper would go first.
For speakers, maybe the Maggie MMGs? For components, I recall that the 47 Labs pieces were rather small; for more conventional, the Meitner PA6 and STR 50/55 preamp/amp combinations were small and comparatively light.

Cost per pound would have to go to Nagra, I think.
IPOD Shuffle. Pure and simple. Buy 2, hide one from the robbers, you are set for anywhere in the world.
My system currently tips the scales at just over 500 lbs. Ouch! In 35+ years of this craziness, I cannot actually think of lightweight components that could not be outdone by their heavyweight counterparts. Not to say the former are not good. I thought the Bel Canto 1000 monos were pretty good, but prefer what happen to be heavier amps. Same with the passive preamps I've tried out - initially I enjoyed them but when put in direct comparison it was apparent something was missing. I've liked the Minuets you mentioned (though haven't heard the "Supreme" version), but liked the Proac 1sc even better (only a few lbs heavier). That is somewhere where I've found something really special is available - small monitors...really good ones...can do things larger heavier speakers fall short on. That seems to be in the soundstaging/imaging department. But even there again, the very best I've heard happen to also be some of the heavier ones as well. I have no idea whether the weight factor has anything at all to do with it, but since you asked, that's all I can come up with. Headphone rigs are another slant on 'lighter', but that becomes an entirely different beast, and has been discussed ad nauseum on various threads.
Speakers and amps tend to be the biggest/heaviest.

Class D Icepower amps push the limit regarding power output in a small efficient package.

Speakers will depend largely on room size. Lots of small packages that work well in smaller room.

The OHM Walsh speakers are fairly compact for what they do and are sized based on room size, so I think they are fairly optimal for top notch results in most any home room size.
Elizabeth, it is the gospel truth. I had my home burgled years ago and that was just what happened. They took the PE changer but not the Thorens 125, the Quad preamp but not the amp, no speakers and so on; just the easily portable stuff went. Proving again that most burglars are not audiophiles.
Proving again that most burglars are not audiophiles.

And inversely, that most audiophiles are not burglars.
For an amp w attenuator (aka integrated) how about maybe the Berning ZOTL ZH-270 at 10 lbs or if you have high eff speakers the 4 lb Berning MicroZotl. For a source a Netbook plus HRT Musicstreamer 2+ DAC, or a laptop w a Lynx soundcard. So under 15 lbs plus speakers for a Netbook/MusicStreamer2+/ZH-270. Add a ZYX Artisan phono stage @ 1.5 lbs and you would have very high quality full function, electronics-only system well under 20 lbs.
After reviewing your system and your well thought out setup, my reaction is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Or, at least, don't fix it by going to the opposite extreme.

In my limited experience with them, well designed mini-speakers are certainly capable of producing gorgeous sound on suitable material. But ultimately I think you would feel constrained as to what kinds of music you can listen to with good results.
How much does your system weigh? Does this enhance or detract from enjoyment of high end audio. What might inspire you to be the Biggest Loser on Audiogon?
1)About 425 pounds.
2)The 425 pounds of components fit into my modestly sized living room unobtrusively and without aesthetic or practical compromise. That did, obviously, require that appearance and physical configuration be carefully considered as part of the component selection process.

Best regards,
-- Al
I thought you were suggesting an idea for a new TV show.
All right, you asked for a response from Maxx/Pass owners. Well, It's good that my living room sits on a slab. The Clearaudio Champion II is roughly 50 lbs. with motor and base, Pass X1 and X350 weigh in at around 180, the Maxx IIs are close to 900 the pair. Dunlavy IVs are light at 260 a pair. The other amps, DACs, processors, etc add about 100 more. Leaving the stands out, that's 1850 lbs. (all estimates, I'm not weighing this stuff). If I had to downsize I could live with my Mac iTunes, squeezebox touch, Benchmark DAC, a nice ICE integrated and Tiny Dancers. I could actually pick up all that gear.
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Apparently I'm a 30-watt guy. I've got a moderately weighty Pass Aleph III, but for light, and just crazy good, I'll go with my Red Wine Signature integrated. About 10 pounds of pure battery-powered bliss.
When I am on the road, I use a ipod connected to a Ray Samuels amp and a pair of Grado 10 earbuds. Probably 2 pounds max.
On a dealer's website, I have just noticed the Sampan - FTL speaker.

It claims that it can play down to 40 HZ, yet the speakers weigh only 4 pounds each.

Intriguing, but for $1125 a pair, I would be more inclined to try the Silverline Minuets if I proceed to put my system on a diet.