Audio Room...prefab shed?

I thought I would just ask, although I don't expect too many replies.

I was thinking about extending a portion of my house out about 20 feet but unfortunately one could only access this room by walking through a bedroom. Then I thought what about building a detached 20x14 room. And then someone who isn't an audiophile asked if I had ever thought about a prefab shed. I looked into this and there are some really nice sheds out there, e.g. cabinfever and modern-shed.

I'm curious, has anyone gone this route? I see several issues like slightly pitched roof, a lot of windows (I assume ventilation would be an issue too) and the wood panels would need treatment. I could lay a cork floor myself which would dampen some of the liveliness of a near empty space.

I called a couple of these companies and they said that they have built studios, but I'm sure they didn't consult the Master Handbook of Acoustics or take any measurements. Any opinions?

Sounds like a pretty good idea :-) The slanted roof is a plus too. However the presumably suspended floor would be a negative.

I would suggest getting a few estimates from local contractors on pouring a slab and putting up a "genuine" addition - you might find that it would be cost effective compared to the prefab. Put in a entry door from outside this way you will not disturb the wife on those late night listening sessions.

Do a little research on room dimensions etc. and don't skimp on electrical installation and insulation.

I converted our garage to my private listening room to avoid disturbing the kid's and wife in the evenings. That by the way, involved building a shed to house all the the stuff that normally gets stored in the garage, living in Souther California the cars are fine in the driveway.

Best of luck on your project

I believe going the prefab route would cost you much more than if you sub the work out yourself. A good framer, electrician, and roofer is all you really need. I would also pour a slab and do some research on dimensions and acoustics as Peter suggested. A detached audio room sounds like a beautiful thing. Good Luck and keep us posted.
I had a 120 sq ft shed built a couple of years ago as that was the max size without a building permit, now max is 140 sq ft. Had heavier floor (3/4" plywood)cost about $3500. If permit needed then it might be better re-sale for real addition? Let us know if you do it, Mike.