Wonder what is going on at Audio Research, can't get anyone on the phone, can't get anyone to call back, I hope Leonard isn't listening, it sure isn't like the old days........I bet I called seven or eight times today....Does anyone else have a problem ??
It's been a little over a month, but I didn't have any problems the last time I called their service department.
Called last week and they answered right away.
My experience has been pretty good overall.

Calvin is very helpful and straight forward, though can be a little tough to reach at times. Like all companies and folks, I am sure they have their share of slow days and also overwhelmingly busy days. He has usually returned my call within one business day. I will also say that he always takes as much time as you need with any questions and will not rush you off the phone.
Unusual. They are pretty good at handling and responding to calls.

Leonard has retired. Call and ask for Kalvin.
I have had good luck over the years but since Leanord retired it seems to be going in another direction, maybe it was a bad day.....One of the reasons I have Audio Research stuff is its so easy to get parts when you need them.....I did find out one thing, that Wadia is now part of Audio Research......
I would give him another try tomorrow. I may have had a power outage or a phone system outage. Although I never have understood why they don't use email, they are usually pretty easy to work with them very good people. I know Leonard is gone, but I have found Calvin very good to work with. And if you can get ahold of Dave Gordon he is excellent as well.
My calls are always answer right away. As good or better than when Leonard was there.
Actually I meant "they" may have have a power outage. It
appears I have the power outage.
Leonard was the best. However, if you can't get a hold of Calvin ask for Chris Osanna. I have talked to Leonard many times and if he was not available i would ask for Chris.
I've called 2-3 times in the last several months about KT120s for my VT200, whether there would be an SE for the CD8 (no), and sending my Ref 3 back for a new display. Prompt answer of the phone and either direct connection or a very quick call back. Informative, engaged, and helpful people. There will never be another Leonard, but that's a different story....
I've known Kalvin Dahl for over 30 years. And Warren Gehl, Doug Wright... they are part of the core group of audiophiles that I hung with for literally decades and they are good people. I've known other people there for 20-25 years and I have a great deal of respect for all of them.

This is a good organization and very successful, like you need to hear that from me :) They are also keeping quite busy! As I understand it, the Italian company that bought them also bought Wadia and has moved the Wadia concern to the same building here in town. I know that act has kept them jumping, but I am confident that they are on a good course.
Well I did get a hold of Calvin and got the part ordered and to give credit told me he was so busy doing inventory that it was just a bad day.....Of course nobody told me about the inventory untel later........Anyway I love my Audio Research (20 pieces)and will maintain it as long as I can buy parts for it.....I also talked to the Wadia person, Jeff ....He was also quite a lot of help, So maybe Audio Research is still the great place it always was.....

ARC customer support is legendary and still best in the biz from my experience.