Audio Research VTM 120 .......any experience?

Does anyone have any experience with Audio Research VTM 120 monoblocks? I have searched, but cannot really find any reviews on these. Would be using with a Rouge 66 Magnum, and Martin Logan Ascents.....would they have enough power?......any suggestions would be greatly helpful......thanks all
I have owned ARC amps for the last 20 years. I currently own both a V70 and a VT100 MK3. The VTM 120s were not one of ARC's best efforts. If I was going to pick an amp from around that period it would be either the VT130 or the VT150 monos. I bought my V70 as a demo and at that time compared it to both the then current VT-60 and VTM-120s. There was really just no contest, the V70 was better in every way.

You might want to also consider the earlier Classic/V series amps or the later VT100 MK1 or 2. IMHO any of these would be much better choices. I own a pair of ML SL3s and my VT100 is a real nice match with them.
I owned the VTM-120 mono's a few years back. I used them with several speaker types including Martin Logan SL3's and then VonSchweikert VR2's.

I have to agree with Lostbears that they were not the best sounding amps. IMO they were rather dry sounding and un-involving on either speaker. These were not the SE editions. I used the stock ARC supplied 6550's..

If you already have the ML Ascents, Id look to pair it with a beefy SS amp, or big tube watts from something such as the VTL 450 Signature Mono's.which would be excellent.
Thanks guys....I really appreciate the input.....I had a Pass x250 that I recentley had to sell due to some unexpected medical bills, and was looking for a temporary replacement...but think Ill keep looking...
BTW......gorgeous system Kehut!
I own VTM SE's with Infinicaps. I use the amps with the Vandersteen 5's. They sound better than the VT 130SE but not the VT 150SE's. I consider the VTM 120's a steal at the price they are cirrently selling for. They were close to 5K new. They are worth your time and effort to find.
I have VTM120SE in my system, very happy with them driving SF Guarneri. Lots of power, exc. low level detailing. The good thing abt these amps are they are reliable. Only downside is no balanced inputs, only set rca. But I am more thna happy day in day out.
Used the VT100 MK3 with the Ascents, very good combination. Previously had a big beefy solid state amp (Clasee 301) and thought the 100 WPC VT 100 sounded much better.
The rare but noteworthy VTM-60, made only by special request, would likely sound more involving musically than either the VTM-120 or the VT-100. Very hard to find.