audio research vt200 or Reference 110

I have for 10 years now the VT200 and I'm satisfied with the sound and power. I one the ref2 mk2 with vintage tubes. Last week I put the CD 8 in the system and this blew me away even after 200 hours of breaking in. Now I like to change the VT200 for the REf 110. Wil this be a major improvement and worth the money.
The VT200 is an amazing amp...probably one of the best ARC has made. It has authority and delicacy with great palpability. The new 6H30 based designs sound more solid state than tubelike. Stick with a winner:)
Agree with Dave_b's assessment.
On Martin Colloms scale the VTM200 rates 28, the 110 rates 140, the highest rated tube they have tested. See HIFICRITIC web site for explanation of ratings. The 110 has been reviewed by them, you will have to buy the magazine as they do not post their reviews. The magazine takes no ads so they can't post everything for free.
Were talking about the VT200 stereo amp Stanwal, not that horrid VTM200 mono amps.
Dave_b.....what's the skinny on the VTM 200 monoblocs? What makes them so horrid? I've considered getting some tube monoblocs and the VTM 200 monos were under consideration.
They are decidedly prominent in the upper mids/lower treble, bordering on lean, which draws attention to itself at the expense of the music. VTM200's show up alot on the 'Gon and at dealers because they serve the spector of absolute neutrality to the detriment of sonic beauty. If you like neutral SS amps but wish for tube "action" and dimensionality, then maybe you could learn to like them...but probably not love them. Check the reviews and read carefully....especially between the lines:)