Audio Research VT130, VT100 MkII or VTM120?

I do have VT60 and it has not enough power to drive my Usher Dancers 8571 MkII. Preamp is LS-15 with NOS Telefunken E88CC and CD player is Shanling CD-T100. What is you expirience and what would you suggest to use for the amp? Many thanks
I had a VT100 MKII and the one issue I was not crazy about is the fan that this model has. Depending on your setup it can be noisy. The VT100 MKIII I think did away with the fan so it isn't an issue. As to the other models I don't have any first hand experience.
What is the power rating of your VT60? 60 wpc? Does the sound sort of peter out at high dynamic range or volume? Also, Is it a stereo amp? I don't know the impedence characteristics of your speakers. If they are difficult loads then you need a strong amp. But, if the sensitivity of your speakers is over 89db/1W/1meter, then there shouldn't be an issue unless the impedance does bad things.

If the VT 60 just doesn't have it, then any of the above mentioned amps should work just fine.

I'd really look for the VT130SE instead of the VT130.
I'd buy the VS115 over a VT130se anyday.
Or maybe a pair of Manley Snappers!!
I have a friend who had a VT130SE and bought a pair of Snappers and was blown away!
P.S. He is a multiple Grammy winning Sound Engineer!
I had a VT 130 and it drove my Wilson Witts very well. IMHO one of the best deals out there. As to the 130 vs 130 se....I'm not an electrical enginer, but I had inernal pics of both and compared side by side. Didn't see much of a difference. Yes there are the meters, but the plain vanilla 130 is more bang for the buck.

I moved on to VT 150's mono's. While they are nice, I think I would have been better off sticking with 130's and using the $$ to buy concert tickets instead.
^^^^Reguarding the meters on the VT130SE. One is for line voltage, the other is for tube bias. So, they are not the more typical Vu meters that bounce around and no one really knows why other than they look neat and cool to some people. - like allot of Carver products for example.
The VT130 images well but compared to ARCS newer designs,the bass control is considered weak.It was designed in the 90's.As for price,I don't think their a bargan at $3000.They seem to be living on their past reputation.
I've owned a boatload of amps over the years; ranging from Cary 300B and 805 to Krell KSA 50s to Odyssey Stratos, TAD Hibachis, Bel Canto, Quicksilver, etc etc etc.
Over the past 15ish years, my VT 130SE has probably logged more hours than all the others combined.

For what that's worth.

I'll agree with Efner that $3000 is a bit high for a VT130....but the going price these days for a VT 130 is closer to $2000. you might even be able to pick one up for below $2000...a bargin.
Cmcdaniel5,I can't argue with you there.
Cmcdaniel5,I can't argue with you there.
I saw that someone has listed a VT130SE for $3500.
Don't forget to compare the mono amps also. VTM 120's are good amps too. Yes, I am selling mine. However, my point is stereo vs. mono? HMMMM. Unless the amps are fairly new, then the $2,000-$3,000 range should be the right range for most, unless they are stupidly great amps.

VT 100, VTM 120, VT 130, D400 (what about those?. Plenty around.). As I posted before, if you can find a dealer or someone that has them for sale and you can demo the amps in your home, you should do so. I know Stereo Design, in San Diego, CA has a couple of D400's and a VT 100 that they would let you take one home for an audition (with a credit card on hold).

try to listen first.