Audio Research VT-50 Question

This one is for owners of Audio Research VT-50 power amps but I assume that the VT-100 II is the same: If you retubed the unit yourself did you notice any sound degradation? I know ARC recommends sending the amp in for retubing which is not really all that practical for me.
As long as you use quality tubes and rebias to factory specs there should be no reduction of sound quality.
Using "matched pairs" of tubes will help some.
Also, allow for tubes to burn in.
Phone Audio Research and ask Lenard to send you instructions for rebiasing.
I recently retubed my VT-100mkIII. At first it didn't sound good at all. Now that I have put about 150 hours on
the amp it sounds as good as ever. Make sure when you retube the amp to use matched sets of tubes that have been tested for at least 24 hours.
Taters, two questions: 1.) Did you do any biasing or just put the "matched" tubes in? 2.) Where did you buy your tubes? Thanks!
I bought my tubes from GNP,They are located in Pasadena,Ca.
They sold me a matched set of Svetlana tubes from the Factory. They are burned in for 24 hours prior to usage.
Once the tubes were Installed the bias was checked.