Audio Research VT-100 repair

Ben Jacoby is excellent but a bit our of the way in Brooklyn. I'n in Manhattan, Need someone to troubleshoot and repair a noisy left channel. Would consider a serious hobbiest whose adjusted the plate voltage of the driver tubes (assuming that's the issue) Just replaced the 4 driver tubes and the power tubes seem fine.
You live in Manhattan but Brooklyn is out of the way? You'd let a amateur who you don't know work on a $6000 amplifier? Maybe you should just ship it back to Audio Research or would that be too inconvenient?
I am in New Jersey if you want repair or advice.
I would try Stereo Exchange. They're on Broadway between Bleecker and Houston. They sell ARC and have a service department right in the store. Overall, I don't care for the store, but they're service department is very good.
If you want it done right bring it to Ben he is the best by far.

Thank you for responding to my appeal for repair help on my Audio Research VT-100. Please let me know how I can reach you so we can discuss this.