Audio Research VSi60 int amp OR LS17+VS60

I have been trying to find any reviews or discussion of the VSi60 integrated amplifier but no help. I am hoping someone here will have some listening experience with it and would like to share their thoughts.

Alternatively I am also considering getting the LS17 tube Pre + some amp(may be VS60 or some other), if this combination will give me the noticeable improvements. Obviously the total cost is playing a big factor here. The VSi60 is in my price range. The LS17+VS60 will push me over my budget, but can be a possibility.

I would appreciate any comments if someone here has any personal experience with any of the above.

My current system includes the following.

Proac D38
Cambridge Audio 840C source
Cayin A-100T
Ridge Street Poiema r-v3 interconnect
Audioquest Ruby speaker cables
Suggest the VS60/ LS17 combination. I think you will find it's will sound better. I assume the Proac D38's are 87-89 dB/1w@1m.
Thanks for your response. They are 4 ohms and 90db @dB/1w@1m. I am hopping that the VS60 50 Watts per channel would be enough. Alternatively I can find the 100.2 or 150.2 in the used market
Actually if you don't at ear splitting levels the VS-60 should sound very nice. The four ohm tap on many ARC amps is where the feedback is taken and I would definitely use it. Ninety dB is very efficient and power output shouldn't be a problem. Since the VS-60 puts out I believe 60 WRMS across 8 ohms, if you were to find an amp with double the power output you would only pick up 3dB. More important is the current delivery of the amp as that will determine the bass impact/slam and transient performance. G
I found a VT100mkII (used), but I wanted a new linestage to be the center of my new tube-system, and therefore I bought the LS17, a combination I am very content with. Loudspeakers are Amphion Argon2 Anniversary and I also use the Cambridge 840C as digital source (tough I mostly listen to analogue sources). I don’t have any issue regarding power (100 wpc driving the loudspeakers at 87db into 7-8 ohm) almost the opposite, because I can only turn the power up to 4 or 5 of about 20 on the linestage (when playing analogue sources normal listning level is at 10 of 20). I’m sure the power from the VS60 would be sufficient for me (but I have not tried it), but I would miss the option to use balanced cabling very much (I’m using cables about 20’ long). My system is very open and revealing, but I found it quite bright in the beginning, and I had to experiment with different cables ending up using truthlink form Harmoninc Tech, before I got a revarding result.

I guess the VS60 would normally be sold with the SP17 preamp, none of them being balanced. The SP17L is listed for $3000 (on and the LS17 for $4000. Try to listen to this combination and compare them to the VSi60?
I own an Audio Research VSI 50 integrated which is the VSI 60's predecessor.

It sounds pretty powerfull for a 50 watter and is smooth with good bass. You could look up some reviews of the VSI 50 on the net to get an idea about the VSI 60.