Audio research vsi-60 power concerns

I'm curious to see if audio researches vsi-60 has enough power to meet my needs. The majority of my listening matieral is PInk Floyd ,Radiohead and some harder rock music. I don't need concert level volume I just need it to sound involving. My speakers are b&w n804s.


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Based on your listening and music preferences I would look for an amp with more power. Tube amps when driven to their maximum output have soft clipping which gives the listener the impression that they have more power than their solid state brethren, but in reality, you are listening to a distorted sound.

The B&W 804S specification places the Audio Researches vsi-60 at the minimum standard for amplification, but based on your listening requirements, I feel that you need more power to give you the clean undistorted sound that will satisfy you in the long run.
I am not suggesting that you go solid state, but when the speaker manufacture's own specs state a minimum power requirement of 50w - 200w coupled with an impedance dip below 3ohms, I get concerned about an integrated tube amps ability to drive the speakers. Typically, one thing that gets sacrificed with integrated tube amps is the quality and size of the output transformers.

We all agree that a mismatched amplifier to speaker combination will not yield long term satisfaction. If you do not have a chance to audition the amp personally, then I would error on more tube power based on your listening criteria and the speaker’s specification.
You can still satisfy your tube fever, it will just take more tube power than you originally thought.