Audio Research VSI-55, Pathos ClassicOne, or SS

Okay, I have prejudice: I like tubes because I'm into tube guitar amps and like the sound and aesthetic.

Now, I'm building up a new system. My current system -- which I'll keep in another room -- has an Audio Research D-100 and SP9 mk II. Great stuff.

I haven't shopped for components in I'm a bit ignorant as to what's out there.

Out of pure visual appeal, and based on reviews, I'm sore tempted by the Pathos Classic One. Because I'm a long-time AR user, I'm also interested in the VSI-55. On the solid state side, I'm thinking about the Sim Moon I-5 and a simpler, less expensive Musical Fidelity X-150 (which has the benefit of a phono stage and opens up more funds for speakers, etc.).

Speakers in mind include Harbeth Compact 7, Dali Helicon 300 or Grand Diva (used) and Proac D15.

Thoughts, comments, ideas???
I have both the Pathos Classic One v2 and the Sim I5. Both are great amps and I'd hate to part with either. I drive Paradigm Studio 100v2's with the Sim and ProAc Tablettes with the Pathos. I've used them the other way around also. I think the Pathos is slightly better in terms of refinement but the Sim has more drive. Both are great. As good as some very expensive seperates I've owned.
I have auditioned the I-5 against the VSi-55 a few years ago driving a pair of Dyn 1.3SE's and went with the Sim. That said, I know own ARC gear driving Dali Helicon 800's. My recommendation would therefore be to audition the amp with your speakers or vice versa to get the best sounding combo.

Pathos Classic One MK II and Merlin TSM-MMs should be as a great combination.Also allowes some great fun with tube rolling.Dont need to open the amp to tube roll.I am shure you will be amazed by the results you will achieve with the Classic One ,the right tubes and the Merlins

I use a Pathos Logos and Merlin VSM-MMs

Good Luck