Audio Research VS110 with Totem Mani2's

does the ARC VS110 have enough juice to power my Totem Mani2 Sig's? my listening space is fairly small (12' x 14' or so), and i don't listen at really loud levels. i do use long (22') runs of kimber 4tc speaker cable - is that going to be an issue with the VS110? i need to use long cable runs to keep them hidden, so the spouse does not freak out!

your help is greatly appreciated!
I was using an ARC VT 50 with my Mani 2's in a small room and the sound was o.k. Than I switched to a VT 100 Mk2 and the whole sound just opened right up. Much better bass, detail and punch. I would imagine rhe VS 110 would be very similar.Although I haven't heard it.Also I am not sure about the length of your cables( I would say the shorter the better).
thanks for the input, LTL. since i posted this thread i have purchased a McIntosh MC402, and have been quite pleased with the results. i appreciate the advice, though!
For what it's worth, I just spoke with Vince @ Totem and inquired if my VS110 would handle the upgrade from Hawks to Mani-2 Signature. He felt that it would definitely work, and is around the minimum power required to properly drive them.