Audio Research VS110 vs Bat KV-60

I like both of these amps I have heard them both but why are the arc s about $800 more on the used market can anyone tell me as I am in the middle of deciding between the two thanks.
Both are great amps, i have enjoyed both amps but tend to like the vs 110 a touch better as it seems to be a bit more neutral with a deeper soundstage and bass is fantastic. Good luck in your decision
I would say the ARC VS110 is more expensive on the used market because it is a more recent design. The VS110 was released in 2003, while the VK-60 was released in 1995. So the price difference is not so much a reflection of sonic differences or popularity, but rather a difference in age of the units.

can't tell you about either amps, but I have owned ARC VT-100 Mk 1/2/3 (yes, all 3 of them), SF Power 2/2SE/3, and BAT 150/75SE. The amp that is staying with me is 75SE, beating out VT-100 III by a mile and all of us were equally surprised given the high reputation of ARC.
Hello Paul,

I would tend to agree with John on the reason for the ARC costing more then the BAT. Years ago I compared a VT200 to the BAT VK-60 mono-blocks, and I got to tell you IMO the BAT embarrassed the ARC. Hope you find what works for you.

I like the bat better for the money than the arc I will probably end up with a bat thanks.
I like the BAT better. and also agree to john, i moved up from VK-60 to VK-75. much better control.