audio research vs100 with long speaker cable runs

i've been checking out the ARC vs100, but i am concerned about the long (22') speaker cables that i use. the cables are kimber 4tc, and i have the long runs in order to keep the concealed in my living room. i'm using totem forests at this time, and also have some concerns about this power hungry little speaker. have been thinking about a switch to the sonus faber cremona auditor.

anyone have experience using the vs 100 with long cable runs? your input would be appreciated!
I do not have experiance with the ARC, but I do have some experiance w/ long cables. I know people say don`t do it but remember if we did all things to perfection it would also be a perfect world. I did the same as you I run a pair of 30ft audioquest mamoth from a mc352 to a pair of mezzo`s with good results. My issue sounds simular to your`s, (space). I realize I may lose a litte in dynamics but I don`t feel it`s as major as some of these guy`s talk about. I feel you need weigh the pro`s and con`s of this issue. You could of course upgrade the cable`s but lets see 2x 22=44 thats some major green on cable.
Cylinderking's Mac has much more stability when used in an application with long speaker wire runs. The ARC should be placed as close as possible to your speakers. In a perfect
world, right between them. You may be loosing damping factor, or the amplifiers control of the the speaker's drivers, with the wire lengths. This reduction in control
will remain a constant with any speaker at the end of the
cables. You should contact ARC and ask what cables they
would reccommend in your aplication.

To expand a bit on Diode's remarks, it's preferable to use long interconnects from your preamp to power amp rather than using long runs of speaker cable. I'd also recommend placing your amp as close as possible to your speakers (preferable between the speakers), and then use a good, low capacitance XLR interconnect between the preamp and amp. (The balanced/XLR cable is preferable to singled-ended, as long runs of XLR's have much lower noise than RCA's). You could then sell one of the 22' runs of the Kimber 4TC to partially defray the cost of the new IC's.