Audio Research vs YBA

I have a YBA 2 preamp that I use with my YBA 1 amplifier.
Can an Audio Research LS25 mkII smouth out the sound so it sound less forward and less harsh.
The CD player is a Wadia 301, tuner is Audio Refinement and speakers JM Lab Utopia Diva BE.

Let me also know about other option that could work well.

Thank you

CJ Premier 16LS MKII or Premier 14. if you want a warmer sound
Well, if your sound is "harsh" with that system these are the reasons;

1a. You have some unnecessary power "enhancement" device between the amplifier and the wall outlet.

1b. Room Acoustics, including to big a room for the speaker amplifier amplifier clipping.

3. The Wadia is too bright for your tastes.

4. Weird Speaker cables like MIT or Transparent or a bizarre basement creation.

5. Something is broken

6. You never liked your speakers in the first place

*wildcard reason* you listen to harsh forward recordings and expect different results from your system.

The last thing you want to do is mess up a perfectly good system with an AR or a CJ preamp. Properly working YBA gear is the least of your problems I assure you.
I've always considered YBA preamps to be a little harsh and forward in the treble for my taste. I've heard that preamp against a Levinson no. 38 on Eggleston Works speakers and the Levinson was much more pleasant to listen to. We mainly listened to 40s & 50s jazz and big band and the horns were completely smoothed out on the Levinson over the YBA. Both the ARC LS25 or LS16 will tame the treble and create a more pleasant listening experience in my opinion.

Best wishes,
My experience with the LS 25 mk2 is that it is forward sounding (because of the 6h30 tubes) vs. the mk1's with the 6922 tubes. The 6h30's are faster and cleaner sounding than the 6922's, while the 6922's are more laid back and have more bloom. Like Friz1313 said, the LS 25 or LS 16 is a safe bet, but make sure they are the Mk1's, not the Mk2's.
I tried a AR LS 25 with my Ayre V-5x amp and had very nice results - I recommend having SOME tube in your system, and it m,ight as well be the preamp (cheaper, less heat less wear/tear than the amp). Try one from your local dealer, and decide for yourself.
Audio Research gear is acutally a bit forward sounding and will not give you the kind of presentation you are looking for. I would recommend an AudioNote pre-amp - they all have a very liquid, soft sound, that does not sacrafice any detail. It is the way to go with the YBA amp.
I have owned the ARC LS25 mk1 and mk2. Avoid the mk2. Been using a Cary SLP-2002, which in my system is about 30% "better" than the AR MK1. YMMV