Audio Research vs. Conrad Johnson SS Amps??

What are your listening results/thoughts on the ARC 100.2 vs. the Conrad Johnson 2250 and 2500 in either the original or the newer "a" version.
i have listened to the cj-2250,nice sound great soundstage
but no dynamic or bass slamm compare to my old bryston4b,did not listened to audio research
hope that is helping
I have no experience pertaining to ARC so I can not comment there but I have a CJ MF2500a and it is very detailed,fast and musical. I do not know what bass slamm is that Tabu mentions. But I do know that the MF2500 drives my Thiels quite easily and rattles the windows in my house when the digital cannons fire while playing Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture.

I own the ARC 100.2 amp and I love it. It has plenty of power for my 88db Gallo Reference speakers. Dynamics are great. Midrange and highs are comparable to ARC's tube amps. I can't comment on the Conrad Johnson as I have never heard it. I am sure it is also a good amp.
Forget the CJ SS amp and look for a used Sim Audio or McCormack DNA-225. If you prefer a tube sound and have speakers that work well with a tube amp, the ARC is very good in its price point.