Audio Research VS-115 vs Ref110

I am thinking of upgrading my amp to either a Audio Research VS-115 or Ref110.

My system currently consists of:
Audio Research Ref-3
Audio Research VS-110
Vandersteen Quattro
Aesthetix Rhea
Tw-Acustic Raven
Ortofon 309-s
Benz Wood SM

Any comments with these amps would be appreciated.
I have the Ref 110s (driven by Ref 3). They are phenomenal amps. I have not heard the VS-115s but my dealer says the VS-115s deliver 80-90% of the Ref110s at 60% of the cost. So they no longer keep the Ref110s as floor demos, preferring to have the VS-115s which deliver so much for a lot less. Some folks are willing to pay the premium for that last 10% of performance others are not. It is a very personal decision. Are you able to audition the 2 amps side-by-side?

PS: You have a great system. Wish you continued enjoyment with whichever amp you decide to go with.
ref 110 xlr input only, so watch it.
also, check to see if 20A circuit is require- at least the unit comes with a 20A power cord.
Cmalak, thanks for the response, my dealer has the Ref110 on hand but not the VS-115. The response from your dealer is close to what mine said as well. Although I like my dealer and trust him for the most part, he is still in business to make money, so I am trying to get unbiased responses.
Sdgron...understood. I was just passing along what I heard. Personally, I do not envision getting rid of my Ref 110s for a very long time. They do so much right and very little wrong to my ears. So they are easy to recommend. Hopefully, you will get others who have heard both amps who can chime in and validate our respective dealers' take on the two amps. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

I own a Ref 110 and I just love it. I have heard the VS-115 but not in my system. My dealer is like yours and does not carry a demo of the VS-115. He carries demos of some of the more entry level ARC and then some of the Ref stuff.

I think that the Ref 110 is pretty much in the sweet spot of the ARC line. The Ref 210s are a bit better but IMHO not enough to be worth all the extra costs involved. At the time I do remember thinking that the VS-115 was much better than the VS-110. But this was before I had heard the Ref 110. And it wasn't good enough to make me seriously think about upgrading from my VT-100 mk3. After having my dealer's demo Ref 110 in my system for about a week I did not want to return it. It was that much better than the VT-100 mk3. I sold both my V70 and VT-100 mk3 and I bought a Ref 110.