Audio Research VM 220 versus the VT200

Anyone have experience with both of these amps? I know the original VT used all tube drivers and the later models used transistor drivers which changed the sound and the VM is the later amp but how do they compare sound wise?
No one has an opinion?
I have heard both of these amps, I prefer and bought the VM220 mono's and switched out the 6550"winged C" with the Tung Sol KT120's. It is a warmer sounding amp than VT and with the upgrade to 120's quicker and better slam in the lower ends. paired with the ARC mk25 pre amp and vandy wood quarto's
I just got done repairing a VT200. It's a brute. You were wise to go to the mono blocks although I don't know if the VM220's are on the ARC list of amps that can use the KT120's. If they are, good choice, if not, good luck.
Yes they are able to switch to the bigger KT120's, just needed to rebias them, The guys at Audio Research told me how as well as John at Audio Connection. How do you like the VT200, What is it paired with?
It's an good amp. A bit of a dinosaur at this point and way too large and heavy. Also they mount the 6550's horizontally which is never a good idea. Over time as the tubes get loose. The front end is similar to the VT100 MkII and MKII so setting it up is a royal pain. My customer uses this with a Ref5 and a newer REF phono but I don't remember the model number.