Audio Research transistor gear vs. tubes

I would like to hear any and all input/experience that people have or have had with Audio Research transistor components...esp. recent models...100.2, LS-12, LS-9...etc. I have had the chance to own some..and to listen to others.. ...and they seem to be forgotten..or undiscovered....and better than that fate.
Sorry to follow-up my own post...but I forgot to mention the an example. This CD player is holding an amazing % of it's retail price on the used market compared to almost all other used players....and it is transistor. How can, or why do, audio consumers think so highly of this unit..and not of the transistor pre-amps or power amps?
The 100.2 is an amazing amp. I have compared it to the Audio Research VT100mk2 tube amp costing $5000.00 and I liked the 100.2 better. This amp has all the liquidity of the best tube amps without the high cost of those amps. I don't understand why the audio press has not picked up on this great amp. This amp also excells in resolution and detail. It sounds great at both low and high volumes. Highly recomended.
I disagree with Slowhand. While I think the 100.2 is a fine product, none of ARC's solid state products compare with their vacuum tube equipment. Very big difference in terms of air, timbre and warmth. Ask any ARC dealer, they should concur.
I have had both solid state and tube ARC gear and say without question the solid state equipment of late is both excellent and albeit a bit different but not inferior to it's tube counterparts. More important is system synergy and choice of cables, conditioning and such.
I haven't heard the later ARC solid state but their older stuff(D-200 D400) didn't hold a candle to their tube gear of the time in direct comparisons, the Classic series which are my least favorite ARC tube products. Would certainly like to hear for myself but can't imagine any solid state sounding like tubes especially, as Jtinn states, in the area of air, timbre, and midrange presence. But I have heard great things about the 100.2 and reserve judgement until I hear for myself.
i had a chance to hear my brother-in-law's set-up since he replaced his amp & pre w/a-r ls-16, & 100.2. these drive his proac 2.5's, which is what the usa distributor of proac recommended he use. well, the sound is outstanding w/the tube preamp & solid-state amp. can't say what it would sound like w/something like the vt100mk2... he also has a resolution-audio cd-50, which he bought after auditioning it & the cd-55. while i dint hear it run straight into the amp, he sez he tried it, and it's not nearly as musical as when run thru the preamp. doug
Thanks for your thoughts so far. I have had much tube and transistor gear..from many companies...and I am not trying to imply that ARC transistor gear is better than the tube gear...or to even compare them. It seems that the ARC transistor gear is not taken seriously enough when a person is thinking Classe, Pass, Krell, Levinson....etc.. And not that the ARC stuff is better...not trying to start a "defend the brand you own" thread...but was just wondering out loud and in print about the fate of ARC transistor components. I do feel the CD-2 is an interesting example. Happy Holidays.