Audio Research SP9 MKII. Vs SP-14

 Would like to get your advice on this decision    Found the above to audio research preamps, for sale at approximately the same price.   I will be listening a lot to final as well as CDs  

 Any advice you can give me on this decision would be appreciated thank you 

The SP14 for sure, if those are the (2) you are comparing and even if the SP14 was a few hundred more.

The SP9MKII is excellent, but the SP14 is better.
Agree with Mofimadness, the SP14 is the better unit, IMHO--just a bit more refined.  Now if you can find an SP-10 or 11 for around the same price, those are better still.
Thanks just pulled the trigger on the 14
I briefly owned the SP9 MKII for about two days. Returned to my dealer who also had the SP14. Then after listening to it had them order a new SP14 in black for me. Loved the phono stage.