audio research sp16l

hi , does anyone know where i could possibly get a face plate for the sp16l, doesnt matter if its black or silver. i called leonard at arc, originally it was 90.00 now its up to 290.00. major increase in 3 days. any help would be appreciated
I am certain it was always $290. and not $90 three days ago.
The cost of stuff like replacement faceplates is gonna be high. I own an SP-15 and trust AR to be straight up. They ARE expensive!! but honest.
i never questioned whether they are straight up. leonard is a great guy and i love my arc equipment, but i did repeat the price numerous times, and had to wait a few days for them to check and see if they have one. i am positive it was 90.00. at the same time i ordered handles for 90.00 as well..
I have ordered several faceplates from ARC through the years. They have always been around $200-$250. Handles were always around $80.