Audio Research SP10 vs ?

I'm finally considering replacing my ARC SP10II. I'm looking for something with the same tonal signature, dynamics, etc, but with better resolution. New or used.
I own an SP-10, SP-11 and the new Quicksilver Full Preamp. The latter is what stays in my system and, at $3900 including an excellent phono stage, it is a bargain in today's market.
Since you got used to an Audio Research two box preamplifier you need an Anniversary Edition Reference Preamplifier ...
Gary, (Muffley) great to see a familiar (audiomart) member on here. Used to talk to you all the time (about D-150 amps) years back. Coming from you, the quicksilver is well worth a listen. How much of a pain is the 2 volume control setup to get used to? The price is set as Quicksilver always did. An honest product. My SP-10 has long been retired due to an inadequate line section. Thanks for the tip. Forgot all about this company ever since the bestselling amps in the late 80s.......Frank