audio research sp 6 How to operate and set up

I need a manual on how to operate and setup my sp 6 pre amp ,,,, thanks
I am reasonably sure you can downlaod it from
You can buy one on eBay but if you have no other recourse I can photocopy/scan my beat up original, when I can get around to it. BTW there aint much to it, the regular non tube rolled version requires that you use 6 12AX7s in all positions . (the rolling of tubes is so boring to the moderators that I wont make any recommendations or suggestions) close cover, BTW the 12AX7s dont have to be identical. Attach your sources via the IC (of your choice which is a topic tolerated on the board ad nauseam,) into the labeled jacks. Flick the first switch on left if you are facing it, if you were the pre amp it is the right most, upward a green light on the front will flash for 2 whole minutes then stay green,leave your power amps off until the steady green appears or else you get a big thump when the pre kicks in which will think that 20K you just spent on new speakers was just thumped to an eternity of repairs. Turn on everything else...... and off you go. The high vs low gain switch on the back is you only adjustment of any meaning for the legendary phono stage obviously for low output cartridges use high gain. biasing you need the manual for.
The line stage is hopelessly overblown with kilotons of useless gain, even with some tube rolling it is brutally hard to lower it.
Yesterday the moderators told me or moderator, that tube rolling is trite it is not worthy of discussion, so mentioning it here where you can use it to a limited degree to control the gain might draw fire from others who have heard about the 6SpB line stage isuues so many times over the past 27 years of it's existence and all that has said already been said they really should never permitted this rehashed old topic to be posted, I have one so I don't mind but the rest of you poor souls must be suffering dearly, with this really old hat topic.
Despite, their decision.
I'll whisper a secrect to you. The circuit has no real local feedback making it impervious to common gain fixes, this lacking can be overcome a little by rolling yes I said rolling the phase splitter/inverter positions v1 and v4 of all things. E-mail me on the side because a minor cap upgrade/mod and a tube roll would be of no interest to anyone else.
Let see if they let me post this, but if you moderators can't be criticized for the way your decisions can affect the responses of this community then we should just as well be living in the Soviet Bloc in 1964.
I am reminded daily of what a free and open society we have. I live around and work in this Country's "Cradle of Liberty".
This is a privately owned and operated, for profit, business that we the contributors get paid nothing to make a reality. Only the people at Stereophile or its parent big publications inc. can decide at their discretion who shall be given the rights someone named T.J. (for short) thought was an inaliable right from G-d, a right that countless men (and boys really) gave their lives for, -freedom.
Do yourselves a favor dear moderators and get an old copy of Braveheart. You know that movie with Mel Gibson or ? is has his anti semitic nonesense made him unspeakable, if so I applaud you for thinking about the deaths of 3 million innocent children during the Halocaust. listen very carefully and you will hear The word "Freedom", but you have to be patient and see the entire movie or fast forward your dvd scene selector.
Nota Bene, If you know what that means moderators edit this at your will it is now your property. Please me to post something about what you did yesterday.
Please be fair and just. Don't misuse the 4th estate soley because you have the floor. I have been a religiosly committed a'goner for a few years, let me have a moment. No less than the guy who asks "do power cords for brand X really matter?"