Audio Research SP-16?

Since I only have an LS-8 Mk 2 line stage at this time, I was looking at getting a PH-3. I seem to have seen that a new preamp model with a phono section is in the offing. Nothing on the Audio Research site and no e-mail address for them. Does anyone know when this product will be available, at what MSRP and has anyone heard anything good, bad or indifferent about it? Is having two separate units (ie LS-8 Mk 2 + PH-3) a better way to go? Thanks
Hi Pbb. My local ARC dealer told me two months ago that they were awaiting for the SP-16 at the end of November. I did not check but it should be in stores now. I did not hear anything good or bad about it and do not have a clue of the MSRP. It's a shame that hi-end companies like ARC do not keep their site updated.
MSRP 2500.
I have seen one at my local dealer. I believe the retail is $2695.00
It is different looking. No knobs in the front, only buttons. Looks like CD2. My dealer tells me it sounds really nice. Better than SP9mkIII.
Certainly it is not as good as Ref pramp+ph3se.
Hope this helps.