Audio Research SP 11 vs Audio Research SP 16

Hi; I'm thinking of upgrading to a remote controlled pre-amp and I'm considering going from an SP 11 to an SP 16. However, I'm not sure the SP 16 is a better unit. Any comments or has anyone compared the two? I have borrowed an SP 16 from my favorite dealer in San Diego and I'm doing a comparison. However, I have to break the unit in for a while before I know anything. The SP 11 was the top of the line unit from AR at $4900. My system includes a Sota Star Turntable w/SME IV arm and Blackbird cartridge, Martin Logan Monolith IIIP restored speakers (basically brand new), McIntosh Music server through a Theta DAC.
The SP16 is the mid level unit. Comments please and don't hesitate.
The SP-16 falls well short of the SP-11 in sound quality.
The SP16 is AR's entry level unit.
That comparison shouldn't take more than 10 min. The SP 16 was trounced in a comparo I did with the Manley Shrimp. I would expect you would need to look at an LS26 or above.
Thanks everyone. This is what I have expected. I wanted a remote controlled unit because it is easy. However, I will not compromise sound quality and to upgrade to a better unit looks like it will cost quite a bit to better the SP 11.

For what the SP-11 seems to be selling on the used market, $2000-2200, the LS5 and PH2 can be had for only a few hundred $$ more, and this pairing is far beyond the performance of the SP-11. If you do not use a phono source, then no need for the PH2. The remote for LS5's was optional but many have it.
Thanks Jafox. That is really interesting. LS5 and PH2 combination. I will check this out.