audio research sp 10 tube question

i have an sp-10 and at the moment i am not using the phono stage, i know, i know...i need to be, but one thing at a time :) meantime, i just replaced the tubes in the line stage with NOS JAN Phillips 6922 low noise in the critical sockets and using sovtek 6922 in the non critical. most of the tubes in the phono stage tested questions are one, do i need to keep tubes in the phono stage if i'm not using it, and if i do, will the fact that most the phono stage tubes tested bad, effect the sound of the line stage and or hurt anything else in the system? what would you suggest in this situation?
I am not 100% sure, but I don't think the unit could be operated without the tubes. It may cause a problem. Call ARC and ask them.