Audio Research service

I have heard that ARC's service is not the greatest, is there truth to this? Give your experience.
Excellent service from AR. Honor warranty without a question. Perform service and return quickly.
Hi, I still have the invoice on the VT-100 retube (all the tubes) for $1300. As I say I love the sound but it makes me think twice on owning another ARC amp.
Just try to call Conrad Johnson and ask them about some of thier older units like the MV-75 or Premier 1, and NO one will know anything about it , nor will they have any interest in assisting you .
ARC, on the other hand, SUPPORTS all products they have made since the SP-1. Try to find this from the many mfrs out there.......Maybe Bryston, maybe Madrigal, heck many companys are not in business anymore.
Before you part with big money, be sure the company will support you.
All good and well that ARC service is good. That doesn't excuse the outrageous prices they charge for everything. Nor the attitude you'll get if you question it.
I had an experience just last week, while after some tube
rolling and tweeking my VT130, the amp blew a screen resistor. I called Lenoard at ARC and even though it was totally my fault, I had parts within 2 days at no cost to me. Now if thats not service, what is? Also, this amp has funtioned flawlessly for 8 years until I messed with it, so how's that for ARC reliability! Lessons learned; If it ain't
broke, don't fix it!