Audio Research separates to VAC integrated?

I have an Audio Research REF3 LE, REF Phono2 and a pair of Classic 120's all modified by the now defunct GNSC (Steve Huntley) a few years back.

I am considering scaling down the amplification part of my system to a VERY good tube integrated in the 80-100 watt/ch range (with MC phono stage) and would be interested in auditioning a VAC 160iSE that i see rave reviews about. My speakers are Verity Parsifal Encore and my room size is 15'x25'x8'. DAC is Weiss DAC2 and Turntable is Sota Cosmos IV with Graham Phantom II and Ortofon A90. Cabling is a mix of Shunyata's Python CX and Stealth Indra/Metacarbon IC and Dream as speaker cables.

Any comments/suggestions you may have would be much appreciated. I am not trying to replicate the sonics qualities of my current system with an integrated but would like to approach it as much as possible. I think the VAC would be a very suitable candidate for what i am trying to achieve, more so than an ARC VSI75 i think. I have had various Audio Research tube equipment in my audio room for the past 25 years so not much experience with other top tier audio manufacturers.
Thank You
You are on the right path. A few years ago, when I had my Verity Parsifal Encore's driven with ARC Ref 3 and a highly modified BAT VK-75SE, I bought a VAC Avatar Super on a whim. I was stunned at how well that little integrated amp performed. Excellent bang for the buck, and a great match for the Parsifal's. I eventually sold it to fund another high end phono cartridge.

When I downsized a couple years later due to the economy, I immediately bought another VAC Avatar Super. As the years went by, and I started to recover, I thought I was missing something with separates, so I sold the VAC and went back to separates. I never did get that magic back.

Just last week I gave up on my 2.5 year separate adventure and bought a VAC Sigma 160i and the magic is back. That is one sweet little amp. I think you'd have to spend upwards of at least $25K on separates to match it or surpass it. Simplifying things is a good thing too. Hopefully I have learned my lesson for good.

Happy hunting,
You can't go wrong with VAC but I wouldn't dismiss ARC VSI75 if it can roll KT150s.