Audio Research SD135 vs 100.2

Has anyone done a shootout between these two amps? I owned a 100.2 -- and I thought it was a fantastic amp -- but if memory serves me correctly the SD135 (which I also own) is noticeably better.

As good as it is, the 100.2 has some mid-bass bloom that the SD135 does not have. The SD135 also seems to have a bit more clarity. It just strikes me as odd that the SD135 gets absolutely no media exposure or any attention here.

It's possible that my memory fails me, but I don't think so. It's probably the old story about ARC getting no respect for its solid-state amps because it is, after all, known for its tube amps.
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What, no comments from anyone? How about dealers? Is the long-in-the-tooth 100.2 really better than ARC's latest greatest? Am I the only one who has heard the SD135? I just find it amusing how any 100.2 advertised here is sold within an hour when the SD135, IMO, is clearly a better amp.
I have no knowledge of their sonic attributes.I do know I have contacted sellers and everytime they are already sold as you say.Going price is 1900 for the 100.2,what is it for the SD135?
Retail on the SD135 is something like $4,995, but you certainly can get a better price than that. And it's just a superior amp -- worth the extra bucks, in my opinion. Regardless, it's good to see an ARC solid-state amp get some respect. The D400MKII was also a great amp, especially in its day.

I have had both amplifiers and found the SD135 considerably
smoother more natural sounding. Bass response has less boom.
I switched to solid state from ARC tube amps a few years ago (most notably the 100.2), I have been much happier with
the SD135. The 100.2 ran very hot, probably accounting for
it's harsher tone.