Audio Research REFII vs Classe?

Has anyone compared the AR REF2 MKII to the Classe cp 700?

I am thinking of trying some SS units out and Classe is one of the products carried by my local dealer.

Thanks in advance.
I believe the Classe will be a tad out classed.
......I wish that I could just hear my Classe CP-700 pre-map to make a comment....bought it demo from an authorized dealer about two weeks ago and due to an ERROR within the unit regarding ''AC voltage'' won't play and had to send it word as of this date. I sold off my Rowland gear to buy Classe's new Delta far - I'm not impressed !!!! ....and this stuff isn't cheap !!!!
Well that isn't encouraging Garebear!

Especially considering my other thought is to keep the REFII and replace my Proceed HPA2 with a Classe CA2200. I like the Proceed but have concerns on the service from Madrigal.