Audio Research Reference 5 se - powercords

Hi there,could you give me some power cord suggestions please.Im not sure how good the original is just yet,thanks.
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I use Shunyata Black Mamba power cords on my Ref 110, CD7 and LS25mk2. Audio Research also uses Shunyata power cords for their setup at shows.
I agree with Lostbears. Shunyata makes great power cords. I would also look at ESP and Richard Grey. Their excellent, as well.
The Python Zitron is perfect for the 5 SE according to a friend who owns it and the 250 mono's...where he uses the Anaconda Zitrons.
Thankyou,I have tried a shunyata python cx on a ls 15,and liked it alot.This reference I have jumped into a whole new league.Yet to listen to it,I wasn't sure,would the same pc,do it justice.The ref 5 is impressive to look at I must say.Thanks again.

I really like the Audio Research Ref line. I am planning to upgrade my preamp to a Ref 5 maybe next year. The VT100 I had used a regular 15 amp cord but the Ref 110 uses a 20 amp. So when I bought my Ref 110, I tried a bunch of power cords from a couple dealers I frequent. I like the Shunyata power cords the best of everything I tried.

The other thing that impressed me was that Audio Research used Shunyata cables at shows. I am sure that they tried everything available to see what sounded best with their equipment. The fact that they chose Shunyata just helped confirmed my opinion.
Audio Research also uses Sainline systems pcs and indeed the chief listener, Warren Gehl uses Sainline in his personal system. I have all Shunyata and I am happy with them. I have also listened to one Sainline pc in my system and found it to be as good or possibly better than Shunyata. The contest was very close. Note--comparison was with Anaconda cx series not current Zitron series. Also, I did not have complete Sainline loom which might have made a difference. Chris Sain was a pleasure to work with. Two great companies both with great customer support.
Let us not forget another great powercord, Transparent Reference or Opus.
A fellow audiogon member also suggested master built,musical and first rate,maybe the best.Thankyou.