Audio Research Reference 210 vs. Audio Research Ref 250 SE

Hi all, has anyone out there heard both of these monoblocks with the same speakers & if so, could you please describe the difference in sound?  I’m running Dunlavy SC 4A speakers is either one of these a better match with the Dunlavys?



The Ref 210s do not have the drive or the color and body of the Ref 250s. The most significant difference in modern Audio Research amps came in the 2012 series of amps. Only after I moved up to that series did I realize, looking back, how wispy the Ref 210s were. I highly recommend the Ref 250s and even as an ARC fan (I now have the Ref 160 monos), I must say that the Ref 210s were not ARC's finest hour. In fact, I would go Ref 150 or Ref 150se over the Ref 210 monos. 

Later model better, so does the price.

Power Amplifier is key good things for this company.

Some one might say the pre is also very good, but when you compared with other products, Audio research is standing out for their power amplifiers.