Audio Research Reference 110 with B&W 802D

Hey, anyone know if either would be a Reference 110 with my B & W 802D
audio research and b & w are made for each other , the full bloom and the power of the ar is incredible, i have owned them together and they sound wonderful.
any of the beefy ar stuff will drive the bw speakers well, good listening, i would not think of any thing else, just do it and music music music...sweeettt.....dwhitt
I am sorry but it just not that easy , If you are thinking of pairing that combo together you have to listen to it first to see if sounds good to you ! I have revels with tubes and any speaker that requires high current , BW or revel, its much harder to get to match with tubes. how big is your room ? how loud do you listen ? what kinds of music do you listen to? all of these things will influence the outcome. If you listen to rock or other loud music, a better match might be the rogue appollo mono blocks, same price, with twice the power ect. good luck , chrissain
Thanks for your answers.
Listen to classical and jazz volumne half-height in a room of 25 m2