Audio Research Ref75 se

Hey there! I’m new here :)

I have Vandersteen speakers model 2Ce.

now I came across a solid deal for an ARC ref75se.

sadly I can’t hear them combined, and a friend of mine told me it might wont have enough power to run my Vandys to their best since they are 86dB.

also if it can be a good combo for the vandy sound wise .

any suggestion about that would help, if not I have an other deal for Asthetix Mimas which I heard and was decent.. but I really like Arc and from what I read 75se is a superb amp, and I can get them for the same price.


thanks for the help!


I would say its hard to go wrong with 75SE. Even if it doesn't work out, resale of it vs other brands would be easy and most likely quickly.

It should  sounds great, as long as you don’t want to listen too loud. Vandersteen and ARC are frequently paired  together. In fact, I’d say that the amplifier is “better“ than the speakers, Meaning if you wanted to upgrade to a pair of Trio CTs, for example, the amp would still be fine.