Audio Research Ref75 se

Hey there! I’m new here :)

I have Vandersteen speakers model 2Ce.

now I came across a solid deal for an ARC ref75se.

sadly I can’t hear them combined, and a friend of mine told me it might wont have enough power to run my Vandys to their best since they are 86dB.

also if it can be a good combo for the vandy sound wise .

any suggestion about that would help, if not I have an other deal for Asthetix Mimas which I heard and was decent.. but I really like Arc and from what I read 75se is a superb amp, and I can get them for the same price.


thanks for the help!


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as others have said, ref75se is a terrific, absolutely top drawer amp

whether it will drive vandy 2ce’s depends on room and listening level - in most normal cases it should do just fine

that said, as paul mentioned above, for the vandy 2ce (sigs i hope) i would err on the side of a nice solid state amp (think hegel, ayre, belles, pass labs) - the ref 75se isn’t ideally suited and frankly it is a class above the speaker and not a glove fit (better for higher efficiency higher impedance speakers imho)... you’d also save a grand or two and have as good if not better sound (especially in the bass region)


here are a number of solid state amps (some integrated) i think would work GREAT with vandy 2ce sigs, are commensurate with the level of that speaker, and cost effective too (compared to 6 grand for the arc amp)

these will all give you great sound with your speakers and will match very well in tone, and ability to drive them properly, esp on the bass end -- at these prices, you can enjoy, and resell at minimal loss if they don’t suit your fancy (i have zero affiliation with any of these, do your due diligence on seller and condition)

that said, if you like tubes, prefer eye candy to sonic/system synergy with the 2ce’s, and/or plan to move onto better more expensive speakers, by all means the arc ref75 is an absolutely wonderful amp to own

One thing to note is this amplifier only accepts xlr/balanced inputs. I don’t see what you will be driving it with.

excellent point - hope the newbie op sees this... important...