Audio Research Ref Phono + Ref 2 RCA to XLR

Would there be any sonic benefits hooking up the Ref Phono's ouputs to the balanced inputs of the Ref 2 using RCA to XLR adapters (Cardas or others?).
Some people have done just that with their PH7 and LS26 with stunning results (they claim). Both, the Ref Phono and PH7 are not balanced design so i do not quite understand how this "tweak" would/could improve the sonic attributes of these 2 combos.....and you're adding another set of connectors/adaptors in the signal chain.
Any thoughts/comments. Technical or otherwise.
I just read a post here (i can't remember what the topic was) from a guy who had been using Cardas adapters and was unhappy with the results, then switched to Stereovox adapters and was thrilled. FWIW.
I'd tried thi son my PH 3 and had good results going to my LS 25 preamp. I bought $10.00 variety adapters at a por audio shop. The Cardas are over priced in my opinion. So for 20.00 you try it and see if you like it and you;re not out too much money.