Audio Research REF II failed

I guess I should have changed the power supply tubes earlier... stupid me... Power amp shuts down when ever I take the pre out of mute. There is a component next to the second 6h30 (the bottom one to the right) that smoked. I assume that is a screen resistor? At the dealer now to get repaired and retubed. Booo!
not a big deal of an amp to work on DIY. watch some tubes and do it.
Yea, I could do it myself... just worried about the resale value. Some folks get put off if it isn't done at an authorized dealer so I took it in.

At least I didn't drag the 90 pound amp down there LOL!

I would have really been mad at myself then.
I guess I'm missing something: Is it like accident on the car title? Who knows and who cares?
I think full disclosure on selling a component is the right thing to do.
did lots of work myself on my VTL I used to own and sold with no problems.
Sounds like DC is coming out of your preamp.....
Yea, 2 resistors blown. Having the tube socket replaced as well.

Repair isn't much really. Retubing cost much more.
blown tube socket in ref II?? wierd. aren't they're using ceramic ones??
Not 100% sure, but I remember hearing from some owner something about a resistor was put in place to protect the electronics when the power tube goes out. So this may be normal. Best thing is to call ARC to verify.

Tube socket is likely ok, just replacing to err on the safe side while they are in there.