Audio Research Ref 6 vs Ref 6 SE

Hello ARC Ref 6 users,

anyone out there who has had the opportunity to compare the Audio Research Ref 6 with the new Ref 6 SE?

Thanks a lot for useful comment.

Isn't the SE version about a thousand bucks different from the non-SE? ;-)
What does the company site say about the upgrade?  My experience with AR is that they use the upgrades to generate income but ALSO you see improvements most of the time.

The release of a product is based on a time schedule that predicts its lifecycle, so release dates are set by bean counters, not engineers.  What usually happens is that there are improvements that are seen but there is no time to get them into the product (for many reasons), so an updated version is made available when it is ready.

See what the manufacturer says about the revision and you will have an idea as to what to expect.  Naturally, you have to go LISTEN in your room to see if your HEAR the differences before you upgrade.