Audio Research Ref 6 power cord

Has anyone heard an aftermarket power cord significantly change the sound of an Audio Research Reference 6 preamp?  If so, please describe the cord and what you heard.
Not an exact comparison, but I am using a Nordost V2 with my AR Reference phono 3. It made the background more black and improved the overall clarity
Thanks for the link, randy-11. There's a reason I specifically asked if anyone has heard a difference in power cord with the Ref 6. I used to own an Audio Research Reference 75 SE. I heard a subtle but not ignorable difference much like jperry noted when I swapped a Nordost Red Dawn cord for the stock unit. Surprisingly, I heard an even bigger change when swapping in a Synergistic Black Quantum fuse. So, I guess I fall into the camp that cords and fuses can make a difference. I guess I felt maybe there would be a bigger change on electronics that draw more current, amp vs preamp for example. But I don't know that. And I have tried two different power cords with Ayre MX-R Twenty amps when I had them, and noticed No significant change in sound.
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Sain line power cable it's what Audioresearch uses the voice their equipment with.
I own the 6 and I also use sain line pure current p.c with great results

 Shunyata and Sain are the two favorites of ARC. ARC used Shunyata in their showroom and may still. I tried both Nordost’s Heimdall 2 and a Kubala Sosna power cord on my Ref 5se. I thought Shunyata power cords made much more of an impact. The Shunyata did not change the sound but reinforced it. Emphasized all the wonderful qualities of the Ref 5se. I have Shunyata Zitron Alpha HC power cords on all my gear and a Triton power conditioner.

Count me with the Sain Line fans.  I do also use the Synergistic Red fuses in my ARC ref6/ref75se combo, but the Sain Line cords are a more noticeable improvement.  I did not really get a boost from the fuses, but YMMV.  I have tried some other cables, but the Sain cables don't really change the frequency balance like some others, they just reinforce the natural ARC sound.
Tried a Synergistc Research Black Quantum fuse in the Ref 6. Not a subtle, but quite a significant difference, especially in the high frequencies. Less wooden, more crystalline, especially with piano. For the cost, I highly suggest anyone try one.