Audio research ref 6

Hi there,how is the pre sounding now.Are you happy.?
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I had the ARC Ref 5 and I was very pleased. It was replaced with the Ref 6 in February, and right out of the box I was astonished; the sound stage was just better with more air, dimension and accuracy. I am somewhat at a loss as I try to describe the improvement over the Ref 5, but you will definitely hear the difference.
jmwick, did you have the Ref 5 or Ref 5SE?
I see another post,it seems like the ref 6 is a goody.No negative comments. 
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I had the Ref 5 SE.
I cant see me changeing out my 5se in the near future. Im very happy.I think it would cost me several  k,to change over.Since im in new zealand. Im pretty happy with all my bits and pieces actually.

Just don't get one too demo - then you will never know :)

Once you hear the differences you will have no choice but have to have one, I owned the 5se also and had the chance to demo the 6 THINKING the same - brand new out of the box I could already clearly hear positive SQ differences. I had a Anniversary also in my system which I could have gotten at a very attractive price - very nice but in the end I preferred the 6.

I also had a 10 which I did prefer over the Anniversary but upon listening to the 6 I found the later to offer more similarities SQ wise than differences - hence my decision to purchase the 6.

I also prefer the 6 over my highly regarded Vac pre too which cost substantially more, both Sig and Master.  

Living in Canada I also face similar situation cost wise, adding currently our dollar exchange sucks.

As long as you are listening to music that's all that matters - there will always be something around the corner that offers something different. 

Sounds good.
The new Ref6 has to be very special indeed, to beat the, Ref5 SE.
Just out of curiosity, is there a wait time to have one ordered through an authorized ARC dealer?